BSP-SP make alliance official to contest 2019 Lok Sabha elections together

2019-01-16 06:47:34

Ms Bahan Mayawati, National President of Bahujan Samaj Party and Smt. Dimple Yadav, MP of Samajwadi Party, were celebrated on a grand birthday today. The Samajwadi Party's district officials also participated in the Birthday Program organized by the BSP at the headquarters of each district of Uttar Pradesh. The office bearers of both parties and workers today took the pledge that they will unite and make the declared candidates of both parties successful in Lok Sabha elections.
The National President of the Samajwadi Party, Mr. Akhilesh Yadav today congratulated him on his arrival at Ms Mayawati's residence and honored him with a shawl. On this occasion, Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council Mr. Ahmed Hassan, National Secretary Rajendra Chaudhary, National Treasurer, Mr. Sanjay Seth and Javed Abbadi were also together and they also congratulated the sister Mayawati.
The birthday of Mrs. Dimple Yadav, the Lok Sabha member of the Samajwadi Party's State Headquarters, Lucknow, was celebrated today with simplicity. In the Dr. Lohia Auditorium, women and workers were present in large numbers to congratulate her on birthday. The cake was cut between the slogans of Akhilesh Bhaiya, Dimple Bhabhi Zindabad. On this occasion Smt. Zerina Usmani, former President of Women's Commission, State President of Women's Assembly Smt. Geeta Singh, Former Minister Smt. Aruna Kori, Smt. Sheila Singh gave cake to Smt Dimple Yadav and congratulated her on birthday.
Thanking everyone on this occasion Mrs. Dimple Yadav said that she has come to take blessings and good wishes. He said that everyone in the election is defeated by BJP. Alliance with BSP has got a golden opportunity. There should be no defaults in it.
Among those who greeted Mrs. Dimple Yadav on birthday are Mrs Geeta Pandey, Vidya Yadav, Surabhi Shukla, Usha Singh, Rekha Yadav, Meena Yadav, Nasreen Fatima, Renubala, Omprabha, Ruby Khan, Shamim Bano, Saadia Khan, Ashutosh Kumari, Meenu Gupta , Meenu Yadav, Aarti Pal, Sharmila Maharaj, Priyanka Pal, Sudha Pal, Poonam Kesari, Poonam Yadav, Usha Yadav were prominent.
(Rajendra Chaudhary)
Chief spokesman

Upcoming Lok Sabha Election Candidates List

2019-03-08 07:21:42

The Samajwadi Party has made the following candidates their candidates for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.


1 Mainpuri Lok Sabha Election Constituency Shree Malayam Singh Yadav
2 Kannauj Lok Sabha Election Constituency Smt. Dimple Yadav
3 Badaun Lok Sabha Election Constituency Shree Dharmendra Yadav
4 Firozabad Lok Sabha Election Constituency Shree Akshay Yadav
5 Etawah Lok Sabha Election Constituency Shree Kamlesh Katheria
6 Robertsganj Lok Sabha Election Constituency Shree Bhailal Kol
7 Bahraich Lok Sabha Election Constituency Shree Shabbir Valmiki
8 Kheri Lok Sabha Election Constituency Smt. Purvi Verma
9 Hardoi Lok Sabha Election Constituency Smt. Usha Verma
10 Hathras Lok Sabha Election Constituency Shree Ramji Lal Suman
11 Mirjapur Lok Sabha Election Constituency Shree Rajendar S Bind
12 Tikamgarh Lok Sabha Election Constituency Shree Ratiram Bansal
13 Gonda Lok Sabha Election Constituency Shree Vinod Kumar Urf Pandit Singh
14 Barabanki  Lok Sabha Election Constituency Shree Ram Sagar Rawat
15 kairana Lok Sabha Election Constituency Smt Tabassum Hasan
16 Sambhal Lok Sabha Election Constituency Shree Shafiqur Rahman Barq
17 Ghaziabad Lok Sabha Election Constituency Shree Surendra Kumar
18 Banda Lok Sabha Election Constituency Shree Shyam Charan Gupta

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