Samajwadi Pension Scheme

For the overall development of Uttar Pradesh and its people, the Samajwadi Party Government has initiated many schemes for their upliftment and empowerment. To ensure this, they launched the country’s largest scheme, Samajwadi Pension Scheme. This initiative covers the poor families of the state and gives them all-around protection. With this scheme, the Samajwadi Party Government is helping families which have no source of income.

  • Under this initiative, every family is given Rs. 500 per month as cover money.
  • So far, more than 45 lakh families have been benefitted under the Samajwadi Pension Scheme.
  • It meets the standards of health and education capacities.
  • The Samajwadi Pension Scheme is increased by Rs. 50 every year to meet the requirements.
  • The upper limit of the scheme has been fixed at Rs. 750.
  • Rs. 2727 crore have been sanctioned for the Samajwadi Pension Scheme in the budget.
  • The beneficiaries are given the amount quarterly and so far, Rs. 5049.084 lakhs have been given to 33,66,056 people.