Power Development

After the Samajwadi Party came to power in 2012, the energy and power production in the state has increased considerably due to strong policies. Because of this, Uttar Pradesh is reaching new heights of development. Instead of traditional power sources, the Samajwadi Party has introduced solar energy sources to produce power sustainably; ensuring the protection of the earth and the future generations.

  • By October 2016, the people of UP will be able to enjoy 14-16 hours of electricity in rural areas and 22-24 hours in urban cities.
  • Due to collaborations with private sectors Bara, Lalitpur, and Srinagar Power Schemes, 4000 MW and 1000 MW from government sector's D-Schemes will be available by October 2016.
  • One 660MW super critical thermal power plant at Panki has been established.
  • Obra C Scheme is in its nascent stage and looks at establishing two 660 MW power plants.
  • Two 660 MW thermal power plants are also coming up at Karchhana and Jawaharpur.
  • Two partnerships are in place with NTPC; for two 660 MW thermal power plants in Meja and three 660 (1980) MW thermal plants in Ghatampur.
  • Three solar plants of 10 MW each have been established in Lalitpur, Mahraunikhurd and Cheera.
  • 225 KW solar power plants have been inaugurated at Fakirpur in Kannauj.