Free Irrigation

The Samajwadi Party Government is running multiple schemes for Rural Development to boost the economic growth, infrastructural development, and human development index. The HDI in the last few years, under Samajwadi Party Government, has gone up and it is a clear indication of people's welfare, thanks to the thoughtfulness of the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister.

The Samajwadi Party Government gives free water for the irrigation of farms in rural areas. There has been a provision of hand pumps and tube wells, which have been installed at no extra cost. This has been done for the first time by any government in the state and it aims at reaching 12 lakh hectares of land. The boring well can be installed by farmers at a nominal cost of Rs. 5000, for a basic setup.

  • The state irrigation department under the Samajwadi Party has waived off tax worth Rs. 700 crore which had to be paid by the farmers.
  • This scheme has financially helped 256 lakh farmers of the state.
  • In Bundelkhand, 7300 Km long rivers and 1589 government tube wells have been established.
  • Due to these water bodies in Bundelkhand, 6.52 lakh hectares of land have been irrigated.
  • 4.61 lakh hectares of land have been irrigated with taps, hand pumps, tanks and boring wells etc.
  • The present Samajwadi Party government has till now set up 4,64,385 free boring wells, 5,908 deep boring wells, 24,709 medium boring wells, 1,543 check dam, 5,715 blast coop and 863 taps.
  • In the entire state, 12.43 lakh hectares of land can get free irrigation.