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Road construction

  • All infrastructure projects undertaken by the government would be completed in a maximum of two years.

  • Like the Lucknow Agra Expressway, Samajwadi Purvanchal Expressway will be completed in record time. 50% of the land for the expressway has already been acquired.

  • On the same model, Bundelkhand will be connected to the Terai Region and Lucknow will be connected with the Nepal Border, with the help of 2 new greenfield expressways.

  • A new expressway from Jhansi-Mahoba-Sultanpur to Kushinagar, a total of 552 kms 6 lane expressway will be constructed. Another 6 lane Expressway of 303 km from Bijnor to Fatehgarh through Muradabad will be constructed, which will connect western Uttar Pradesh with the Lucknow Agra Expressway. An 8-lane expressway from Sannota bridge greater Noida to Purkaji Muzaffanagar will be constructed.

  • 50 of the 75 districts in Uttar Pradesh have been connected through 4 lane highways. The rest 25 districts that have not yet been connected, will be connected in record time.

  • Surrounding areas of Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, and Varanasi will be connected through cycle highways.

  • Proper roads will be constructed for the in villages that do not have aroad network so as to ensure last mile connectivity

  • A proper road network will be made for the Terai region.