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Development of Villages

The village clusters in Uttar Pradesh will be developed as sophisticated smart villages. They will be developed with good internal roads and solar alternative energy will be provided. Infrastructure to improve connectivity and cycle tracks will be developed. Further rain Water harvesting, regeneration and sanitation of water bodies, water sewage and waste management will be implemented. Along with this education and skills development will be provided in each cluster so as to ensure employment oppertunities in the Smart Villages.

  • Sports development in rural areas will be done on the lines of IGCL (Indian Gramin Cricket League) and other similar initiatives.

  • Lohia bus service will be expanded to facilitate travel to the rural areas of the state.

  • The present number of beneficiaries under the housing scheme, Lohia Awaas, will be doubled.

  • Youth with secondary level education in the village will be educated about land rights. They will get incentives to provide free advice.

  • Expansion of Janeshwar Mishra Gramya Vikas Yojna across the state.