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Medical and Health Facilities

  • Vehicles under 108 Ambulance will be increased in number. Along with this, ‘Mobile Advance Life Support System’ and ‘Mobile Medical Unit’ will be installed in them.

  • For incurable diseases like cancer etc. the health facilities will be provided free of charge; New Health Insurance Scheme will be initiated for the same.

  • All districts will have a blood bank, so that no more lives are lost due to shortage of blood.

  • Health services Such as district hospitals, PHC, APHC, CHC etc., will be provided to ensure masses get hundred per cent of the doctors and other staff appointments

  • Number of female nurses will be increased

  • CHC will be technologically advanced with 24 hours of electricity like district hospitals.

  • Advancement of district hospitals in major cities will be ensured. At least one super specialty hospital in each district will be constructed.

  • Colony clinics will be launched.

  • Families with annual income of 1,50,000 or less will be provided complete medical treatment, free of cost.

  • Schemes would be made to complete the under-construction medical colleges

  • Every district hospital will have an ICU and ventilator facility,

  • Cardiac ambulance will be provided at block levels,

  • To improve emergency health services in Lucknow, airport will have an Air Ambulance facility.