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Schemes for Farmer Welfare

Samajwadi party has a clear view that the progress of country and state is impossible without the progress of farmers. The country and state cannot prosper unless the farmers grow. Samajwadi Party has given priority to agricultural development in these five years. Samajwadi Party will prioritize the following schemes for agricultural development over next five years.

  • Policies to provide cheap loans to farmers at low interest so that they can easily arrange seeds and fertilizers will get implemented.

  • Kisan mandis will get more facilities and will be aided by modern technology so that farmers get fair price for their crops.

  • Better arrangements will be made so that famers can keep their stock safe and can get best price for their crops

  • More and more barren unfertile land will be made fertile and provided with irrigation facilities and social forestry will also be implmented on some of these lands

  • Arrangements will be made for the availability of water in Bundelkhand, so that the farmers there can grow two crops in rotation per year.

  • Policy to establish cold storages powered by solar energy will get implemented.

  • Fertilizers, seeds, medicines will be provided to farmers at lowest government rates based on their needs through cooperatives at the Panchayat level.

  • Encouragement of greenhouse technology method so that quality production of fruits and vegetables can reach up to international markets.

  • Cold chains to preserve perishable commodities such as a potato, tomato; their processing, and marketing arrangements will be emphasized.

  • Organic farming will get promoted. For the first phase Hamirpur district will be chosen to implement the plan.

  • Organic farming scheme will be implemented in all the districts of Bundelkhand.

  • A new practical plan of crop insurance for farmers will be implemented.

  • Digital/modern techniques will be used to map agricultural land so that land dispute get eradicated.

  • Lump sum (one-time) posted/land records will be made available free for poor/small/marginal farmers.

  • Measurement of land and documentation will get done within three months, without any fee, of general application.

  • Amount of farmers Insurance plans will be increased up to seven and a half lakhs.

  • Kisan Credit Card (KCC) holders will be entitled for the interest subsidy.

  • For the production of crops in Terai areas proper marketing will be undertaken.