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Forest and Environment

  • Lion-Elephant corridor will be recreated in the Terai region.

  • Environmental education for students in primary and secondary level will be made mandatory.

  • In various environment-friendly camps, teachers dedicated to environmental studies will be rewarded with extra pay for helping the government.

  • Schools doing outstanding work related to environment will be rewarded.

  • Wildlife Conservation Institute-Etawah will be established.

  • To make farmers Sarus friendly, they will be given monetary incentives under the Sarus Mitr scheme.

  • Funding for research in conservation and environmental management will be provided.

  • Forestry and environmental management in various institutions across the state concerned will be expanded as a subject.

  • Before dumping into the water bodies, the discharge will be first inspected and treated. (This will be on the same lines of the successful Gomti River Project)

  • Use of environment friendly production techniques and underwater flow will be promoted to prevent the harmful discharge of effluent.