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Education Sector

  • High level of quality education will be ensured in all universities and colleges.

  • Universities / colleges will be made Wi-Fi enabled by the state government.

  • A new scholarship scheme will be made for poor meritorious students for their higher education.

  • Special bus service will be introduced for the students of universities/big colleges.

  • Arrangements for the admissions of kids of Poor families in prestigious private schools will be made.

  • A mission to improve the quality of primary education will be launched to improve the children's education. The availability of exact number of teachers in all schools will be ensured and timely training will also be provided to them and their actions will be assessed in order to determine the responsibility of teachers and education administration.

  • Mid-Day Meal system will be improved, so that the children get nutritious food and teaching work is not affected.

  • All government and essential features such as the availability of teachers in colleges, furniture, laboratory, and toilet facility will improved to enhance the quality of their education.

  • High quality education will be Information Technology enabled for children in rural and urban areas.

  • Special campaign will be launched to fill up vacancies of teachers in educational state government institution in one year.

  • Each Commissioner Headquarter will have a Samajwadi Abhinav School on lines of Navodaya Vidyalaya.

  • Education fund will be created. It will be used for improving private schools and colleges