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Uttar Pradesh Manifesto 2017

Five years ago, the Samajwadi party won the 2012 election with an overwhelming majority because of public support and the hard work of party workers. Given this opportunity to serve the people of the state, Samajwadi Party assumed leadership of Uttar Pradesh government under the talented and energetic Chief Minister Shri Akhilesh Yadav. It was clear from the very beginning that the Chief Minister was intent on pursuing an agenda of inclusive development, and determined to ensure the serious implementation of the party’s maifesto. Despite inheriting an empty treasury, an administration in disarray, and a vitiated socio-political environment, the new government set to work with an unprecedented resolve.

Starting on the 15th of March 2012, with the making of the Samajwadi party government, one by one we have honoured all the manifesto promises made to the people. Even though we did not get proper support from the central government, we still tried to achieve efficient and effective management of schemes for every section of society, such as farmers, youth, poor, weak, minorities, women, businessmen, and entrepreneurs by starting welfare schemes for them and fulfilling them. Our Government not only fulfilled promises made in the Election Manifesto but also took new measures for the state's development and prosperity and many new schemes were launched for the people of the country and the state. We were able to present and implement a balanced and equitable development model. Basic infrastructure, economic development, industries were promoted and also ensured that the benefits of increased growth rate should reach the weaker and disadvantaged groups of the society such as farmers, workers, minorities, women and the poor. Big infrastructure projects like Metro Rail Project, Lucknow and Agra - Lucknow Expressway were built in record time. Improving the basic framework of electricity, the availability of electrical power has doubled, with 24-hour power supply in urban areas and 18-hour in rural areas. Samajwadi Pension Scheme, free irrigation to farmers, farmer accident insurance, laptop distribution, Kanya Vidya Dhan and 102/108 Ambulance service, and many other welfare schemes were implemented succesfully. To streamline law and order in the state, ‘UP 100’ scheme, has been commissioned in all 75 districts, ensuring police help within 15-20 minutes of a call being made.

Samajwadi Party government in its five years of governance has effectively put Uttar Pradesh on to a path of social and economic development. Development along with social harmony has been the fundamental attribute of the Samajwadi party government. Efforts were made for the establishment of democratic values with the removal of economic inequality and regional imbalances. The steadfast implementation of all the welfare schemes are setting new milestones and strengthening faith in Shri Akhilesh Yadav among all sections of society.

The ideology of the socialist movement, is built on the firm foundation of the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, Jayaprakash Narayan, and Chaudhary Charan Singh. We are committed to protecting the values of the freedom movement and the dreams of freedom fighters of a just and equitable society. Our fight is for social justice and the rights of the deprived and marginalised standing in the last row of society. The Party’s commitment is towards democracy, secularism, and socialism. The party also believes that there must be decentralization of power.

Negligence of villages and farmers has created social imbalance and given birth to migration, poverty and inequality. The party believes that the state cannot develop without economic parity. On one hand, villages must be self-sufficient and on the other, both urban and rural communities should have axcess to basic facilities along with infrastructural development. We are committed to ensure 75% share for agriculture sector and farmers in the government’s budget. All facilities will be given to the poor. Women will be given respect and protection. Minimum support price equivalent to one and a half times the cost of crop production will be ensured to farmers.

Arrangement of clean drinking water, toilets, schools, health centre, sport fields, pasture, housing, and other facilities in the state will be made available on priority basis. With the creation of new employment opportunities, there will be expansion of the functions of the skill development mission. Special focus will be on the establishment of small and medium scale industries. Self-employed individuals will be given discounted loans. Priority will be given to welfare schemes for minorities, businesses and advocates. The people of Uttar Pradesh had seen the brutal face of corruption in the BSP government. The focus of current BJP government at the centre is based on communal politics and they have made false promises in the past 2 and a half years of their governance. Instead of bringing in ‘ache din’, their demonetisation policy has broken the backbone of the poor labourers. The Samajwadi Party Government in the state has served for the benefit of all without any discrimination ofn race and or religion. We are reaching out to the people of Uttar Pradesh with our Manifesto for upcoming Assembly elections. We look forward to the suuport of the people of Uttar Pradesh to give us another opportunity to serve them In order for us to continue our determined efforts towards the balanced, inclusive, and equitable development of the state.